Who is David?

David Bowden is an spoken word poet, author, and preacher, living in Oklahoma City with his wife Meagan. While earning a degree in Bible and Biblical Languages, David worked as a pulpit minister and, subsequently, a youth minister for a small local church in Oklahoma. After graduating, he co-founded an international non-profit that gave goats to impoverished families in the Philippines.

During his last few years in college, and throughout his time at the non-profit, David was traveling and speaking at different conferences, churches and events. After two years working with goats, he amicably left the non-profit to work full time as a speaker and performer. Since then, David has been extremely fortunate to be able to speak in front of hundreds of thousands of people and have his online videos viewed over four million times.

David has now authored his first theology book with Thomas Nelson Publishers entitled "When God Isn't There." He also spends his time creating videos to share with the Church, and partnering with conferences, events and churches to create Gospel-centered messages. David serves as the Artist in Residence at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City and is the co-founder of Kleer Series (www.kleerseries.com). He is currently getting his MDIV at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. David and his wife attend Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City where they have led a community group for the last four years. 

What does David bring to events?

David has a unique and exciting voice to bring to events. His spoken word poetry gives any presentation a new vantage point, style and artistry. David loves teaming up with the worship experience to perform poems that draw people into praise. He also enjoys working alongside the message presented by keynote speakers to set the preaching moment up, or drive the point home afterwards. 

One of his favorite things to do, though, is to preach. David is an expositional, Gospel-centered, Biblically-based teacher, who brings the message of Jesus alive with stories, poems, clear explanation and passion. David loves being an inspiration to young people (as someone they can look up to), and an encouragement to those older than him (as someone to spur them on). 

Finally, one of the ways to best use David is to work with him to create custom poems and lessons that cohesively tell the story you are trying to tell. 

Past Speaking Engagements

What does David speak about?

If it’s in the Bible, David will speak about it. Beyond that, he loves speaking about the following topics:

  • Understanding and overcoming our feelings of God’s absence
  • The Gospel story – seeing Jesus in all of Scripture 
  • Why Heaven is more offensive than Hell
  • The power, importance and inspiration of Scripture
  • The difference between believing “Christians” and obeying “Disciples”
  • Obeying God’s call on your life – the story of Elijah and Elisha
  • Why doing what you want to do is true freedom – Romans 7:15-25
  • Confession – the overlooked discipline of the church

These are a sampling of some of David’s favorite things to teach on. Feel free to inquire about what one of these messages entail, or if David could speak on a topic of your choice. 

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