Performance Scripts

Perform one of David's poems at your church, event or competition. Purchase of one of these scripts supports David's ministry and gives you the legal release to perform the poem. 

I Am (Script)

The 7 "I Am" statements that Jesus makes about Himself in the book of John have so much power and relevance for our lives today. Hear them anew in this love letter from God.

Be In (Script)

A poem in the form of a personal prayer that looks into the astonishing fact that God decided to save us despite everything we deserved.

I Believe in the Scriptures (Script)

A passionate and convicted proclamation of the truth that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God.

No Excuse (Script)

We are without excuse to do absolutely everything God has commanded us to do, for we are absolutely equipped to accomplish everything God has commanded us to do.

All (Script)

The three "alls" in the Great Commission: all authority, all nations, all commands.